We can produce aerial  panoramas using our remote controlled drones. We can position the multirotor at any height, up to 400 feet, and then take a series of high resolution still images. Once we have the panorama photos back in the studio we can create the panoramic images. If required we can add hotspots to each panorama, highlighting local points of interest.

Here are a few of our recent panorama projects (click on the title):

Newcastle Gateshead

As part of an aerial video project in Newcastle Gateshead we also gathered a series of high resolution still images. In this panorama you can see The Sage, The Millennium Bridge, The Baltic, The Tyne Bridge and, of course, most of the city’s Tyne River frontage.


As part of an aerial video project at an industrial park in Warrington we also gathered a series of high resolution still images. We were then able to create a panoramic image showing the relevant points of interest around the estate. In this panorama we were able to show close up still images of relevant hotspots. These can be linked to by clicking on the ‘camera’ image on the panorama.


This panorama was produced to highlight the proximity of a city centre development to the nearby facilities. Taking up to 50-60 high resolution images with the camera on the drone we can then produce fantastic panoramas. In this case we added clickable hotspots.


For a team of architects who were proposing to build a bridge over the Thames at Nine Elms we were asked to take a series of images from over the river which could then be turned into a 360 degree panorama. The aerial drone is remarkable stable enabling us to produce a series of hi-res photographs that are suitable for the creation of a panoramic image.


This particular panorama was created to show the proximity of key facilities in Sheffield City Centre. We can add the clickable hotspots to any panorama showing all of the local attractions without cluttering the overall image.