Film and TV 4K Showreel 2016 - Part 2

A further selection of just some of the drone filming work we’ve done in 2016. We are regularly called on to film for TV production companies. Our experience makes us the logical choice for all types of programmes. All of this drone footage is shot with the Panasonic GH4. Watch in 4K if you can!

Film and TV 4K Showreel 2016 - Part 1

A small selection of our recent aerial drone videos. We’ve been busy working for many of the country’s major TV channels together with an expanding list of independent production houses. The professional approach to our work and our creative input  means that we’re often called upon to provide aerial drone footage for TV and film productions. Please watch the video in 4K to appreciate the quality of the footage. And, by the way, none of this footage has been manipulated in any way. This is straight out of the camera.

Film & TV Showreel 2015

A selection of projects that we’ve undertaken over the last few months. We have built a reputation for professionalism and reliability within the creative industries and we’re often called upon to provide aerial drone footage for TV and film productions.

Film & TV Aerial Drone Video

We are on the BBC’s Approved Suppliers List for the supply of aerial UAV drone video footage.

We have been involved in several TV productions including dramas for the BBC and documentaries for Channel 4. The UAV drone is particularly good for providing dramatic vistas, flying under and over objects or for tracking movement. It has to be said that, owing to safety considerations, very close-up shots of actors or presenters aren’t recommended. However, the sweeping, monumental effect of the aerial shots add a drama of their own.

A typical series of shots we have recently completed include:
– The starting shot was of a child in a playground filmed from about 5 metres. We were then asked to pull up and away as fast as possible as the child screamed. The resulting shot was extremely dramatic and just what the director was after.
– We flew the drone over and under the school gate’s archway as the pupils streamed into or out of the school. Very effective shots that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in any other way.
– For the BBC’s coverage of the Great North Run we flew our hovercam over the Angel of The North to show Jonathan Edwards below.

Awaiting our turn to do the filming

Channel 4 documentary – Awaiting our turn to do the filming

– For a Channel 4 documentary we were asked to film the presenter doing a piece to camera. We then pulled up and away to reveal the townscape that was the subject of the piece. Again, this type of shot could only have been achieved using a remote controlled drone.

Aerial drone video shoot featuring Nihal

Aerial drone video shoot featuring Nihal

Aerial drone video shoot featuring Nihal

Aerial drone video shoot featuring Nihal

This was a shoot for the BBC in London featuring Nihal from Radio 5. The shoot was combined ground cameras with aerial drone video. We shot the piece in 4K to enable the client to crop in to the picture in post. Despite the conditions being very challenging, with gusty winds, we were able to deliver some fantastic shots of the talent.

TV documentary aerial video

TV documentary aerial video

Very often we’re asked to capture some footage on our own without the director being present. In this case we were working in Burnage, Manchester gathering material for a documentary on members of a certain band that grew up in the area. Yes, that band. Given only a simple brief we were able to self-direct and get just the shot that the client required. From the director: “Thank you so much! This looks perfect to me; absolutely brilliant. Many thanks again to you and the team…”

Warwick Castle aerial view

For a TV advert we were asked to grab some aerial drone footage. In addition to general views of the castle we were able to provide the director with wide tracking shots of the action together with a simulated ‘eagle’s eye view’ of the cast beneath. All of this was shot in UHD 4K on the Lumix GH4.

Ewan Thomas - BBC

Ewan Thomas – BBC

For a flagship BBC TV programme we were commissioned to fly over a new hospital development using our remotely controlled drone. The brief was to get some general views of the hospital as the building was of a revolutionary design only really visible from above. The presenter was Ewan Thomas and the director asked us to fly close-in for the piece to camera and then to pull back to reveal the entire hospital. Other shots delivered included tracking video of Ewan running into the hospital and overhead shots of him interviewing a member of the public. All of the footage was shot in 4K, giving the editor the option to crop in if required.

Lords Cricket Ground - Old Father Time

    Lords Cricket Ground – Old Father Time

For a BBC Sport production we were asked to get some close ups of the Old Father Time weather vane on the roof of Lord’s Cricket Ground. Filming in 4K to enable cropping in post we flew the drone to various parts of the ground highlighting some of the fantastic architectural features of this iconic cricket stadium.

From the director: Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the Lords shoot – the footage, as expected, looks brilliant. The edit is done and signed off – everyone very happy. As I said on the day, pleasure working with you both.

Lizzie Armistead - BBC Sport

Lizzie Armistead – BBC Sport

Again for a BBC Sports programme we filmed Lizzie Armistead, English professional world champion track and road racing cyclist, training near her home in Yorkshire. The drone enabled the director to get the high shots of Lizzie cycling on the moors together with some tight tracking shots. We filmed in 4K which allows a great deal of flexibility in post production.

From the director: The footage you captured was superb and just what we wanted. Also wanted to say how pleased we were with your attitude, enthusiasm and positive contribution. The ideas and input you offered really added to what we did. Coming with such a proactive and professional attitude really made the day enjoyable and productive. Definitely recommending you to everybody here.

Aerial Mountain Bike Drone Video

Aerial Mountain Bike Drone Video

For a major high street retailer we were commissioned to film their latest range of mountain bikes. On an extremely windy day in Lee Quarry, Bacup, we used our drone to capture 4K footage of their bikes in action. 
From the director: “I’ve been looking the rushes with my team this morning and everything seems perfect. Quality image for the GH4 is great and I think it’s going to mix pretty well with the Sony F5 footage. We will work together again pretty soon.”

TV Documentary Aerial Drone 4K Video

TV Documentary Aerial Drone 4K Video

We were commissioned by a major TV production company to supply 4K video footage for their BBC2 documentary. Flying our drone over several sites in Yorkshire we were able to capture everything that the client required, much of which could not have been obtained in any other way. 

For this project we worked with FlyKa and Movi-Hire. FlyKa provide a high speed electric dolly vehicle for fast, smooth tracking. Movi-Hire supply crew and 3-D stabilised camera gimbals for film and TV work. 

This FlyKa production was shot at sunrise on Formby beach from the Flyka tracking vehicle at over 30MPH. Camera stabiliser was the Movi M15 & with a Sony F5 & Cooke 14mm Ultra-prime lens 180fps & at 4k on lower frame rate The fact that the dolly is silent, allowed us to get more dramatic, wide angle shots & closer to the horse.

We filmed the fantastic dolly and gimbal combo from the DJI S900 drone with Panasonic GH4 camera in 4K.

Angel of The North for the BBC

Angel of The North – BBC’s Great North Run coverage

For the opening sequence of the BBC’s coverage of the Great North Run we were tasked with filming Jonathan Edwards at the Angel of the North. We flew the drone up and over the giant sculpture, getting as close in as possible to fit in with the directors wish to see the surface texture.

Jonathan Edwards at the Angel of The North

Jonathan Edwards at the Angel of The North

The director wanted a shot looking down on Jonathan Edwards. To achieve this we flew to within a few feet of the top of the head of the Angel and then tracked back to reveal Jonathan stood at the base of the sculpture.

Bristol Scout WW1 fighter aircraft

Aerial shoot of Bristol Scout WW1 fighter aircraft under construction.

We were asked to film some aerial video footage of a WW1 fighter aircraft for a proposed Channel 5 programme. Our drone was ideal for capturing the required HD footage of the Bristol Scout replica.

Humber Bridge drone video

Humber Bridge drone video

As part of a video production for the BBC we were asked to fly up and down the Humber taking video of the river, the Humber Bridge and The Deep aquarium in Hull. The video was shot in UHD, 4K to achieve the best possible quality for broadcast.

Salford City FC Player

Salford City FC Player

We were invited to film some aerial footage by an independent TV production company. They were producing a documentary featuring Salford City FC. We provided 4K aerial video using our drone. The shots showed the club and players from various angles including this shot of a player running with the ball; a shot that would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in any other way.

Short film aerial video

Short film aerial video

We were asked to film an aerial sequence for an independent short film production. Set on a beach near Southport, the task was to fly the drone up and away from the actors to create the final dramatic scene, including sunset.

High definition or UHD, 4K aerial UAV drone video footage for TV and film production companies:

Using the Panasonic Lumix GH4 we can provide .MOV, Full UHD, 3840×2160, 25 fps, 4K footage. We can also shoot 1920×1080, 50fps, (ALL-Intra) footage at 200Mbps .

“It is fast, efficient, safely operated and produces marvellous pictures which, as the technology improves, I am sure will get better and better.” – BBC director.