Film & TV Showreel 2015

A selection of projects that we’ve undertaken over the last few months. We have built a reputation for professionalism and reliability within the creative industries and we’re often called upon to provide aerial drone footage for TV and film productions.

Showreel 2015

Please watch our showreel to see what our multirotor drones can achieve in terms of versatility and quality. Aerial drone photography and video has never been easier to obtain.

Here are just a few samples of the sort of aerial drone video we’ve been filming recently. We’ve shot all sorts of HD and 4K, UHD footage with our drone. With many more projects for the BBC, Channels 4 and 5, we’ve been really busy. All of the footage you see here is straight out of the camera with no stabilisation!

Showreel 2014

Here’s 2014’s showreel featuring just a small sample of video that we shot for our clients. We’ve been gathering all sorts of HD footage with our drone including high-end properties, commercial developments, roof inspections, sports complexes, stately homes and lots more. For our more recent showreel see above.

Manchester City Centre Night Drone Video Footage

Night footage from the drone in city centre Manchester. All of the footage was shot in 4K. The things to look out for in the video are: Piccadilly Station, Beetham Tower, Manchester One, The Arndale, CIS Building, Canal Street, Princess Street, Whitworth Street, City Tower, Manchester University and city centre Manchester.

Salford Quays and Media City Aerial Drone Footage

Some sample aerial drone footage shot over the Manchester Ship Canal at Salford Quays. We shot the original footage on a GH4 in 4K UHD resolution. In this video you can see Media City including the BBC, ITV, and Coronation Street. There’s also the Lowry Theatre and the Imperial War Museum North.

Stockport Aerial Drone Footage

Aerial drone footage of Stockport City Centre. In this video you can see Merseyway Shopping Centre, the railway viaduct, Stockport Station and the bus terminus. All of this footage is available in 4K if required.

Manchester Aerial Drone Footage

Footage from the drone in city centre Manchester. Some of the footage was shot in 4K and some in 1080 (each clip is marked with 4K or 1080). The things to look out for in the video are: Piccadilly Station, Castlefield, Manchester Arena, Victoria Station, Urbis, The Arndale Centre, River Irwell and Manchester Town Hall.

Manchester City Centre Drone Video Footage 2

Footage from the drone in city centre Manchester. All of the footage was shot in 4K. The things to look out for in the video are: Piccadilly Station, Beetham Tower, Manchester One, The Arndale, CIS Building, Canal Street, Princess Street, Whitworth Street, City Tower, Manchester University and city centre Manchester.

Manchester City Centre Drone Video Footage

Footage from the drone in city centre Manchester. All of the footage was shot in 4K. The things to look out for in the video are: Piccadilly Station approach,  Piccadilly Gardens, The Arndale, CIS Building, Piccadilly Basin, City Tower and city centre Manchester.

Aerial Drone Footage of Anfield and Goodison Football Grounds

Footage shot from Stanley Park in Liverpool. Shots were captured of Liverpool Football Club’s ground, Anfield. Shot in 1080 50p the clips also include pans and transits across to Everton’s ground, Goodison. Drones are not normally allowed in Stanley Park but we did have the relevant permissions to film.

Aerial Drone Footage of Everton’s Goodison Park Football Stadium

Aerial drone footage of Everton Football Club’s ground, Goodison Park. Shot from Stanley Park, with all of the relevant permissions, we captured footage in 1080 50p of both football grounds on either side of the park.

Drone Video Footage of the Trafford Centre, Manchester

Footage from the drone near the Trafford Centre, Manchester. All of the footage was shot in 4K. In the footage you can see the Trafford Centre with city centre Manchester in the background.

Liverpool Waterfront Drone Video Footage

Footage of Liverpool’s waterfront shot in 4K from the drone. The video shows the River Mersey, Liver Bird, Princes Dock, Liverpool Canal Link and the city centre. Birkenhead can also be seen across the river.

Drone Footage of Mersey Gateway Bridge Construction

Footage of various stages of the construction of the Mersey Gateway Bridge between Widnes and Runcorn. Shot in 4K but shown here in 1080.

St Michael and All Angels, Chetwynd – 4K

Be sure to watch in 4K if possible.
Aerial drone footage of a beautiful church in Shropshire. We were commissioned to film the exterior of the church, especially the spire, which had been recently renovated. Filming in 4K enables us to show the stonework in fantastic detail. Not only is this service great for showing off a building in its environment but can also be a useful tool for people wishing to inspect high-level structures from the comfort of their office.

St. Laurence’s Church Ludlow Aerial UAV Drone Video

We were asked by the church to do a video, both inside and out, using our drone. The beautiful church of St Laurence in Ludlow is steeped in history and has one of the country’s finest collections of medieval stained glass windows. The video is set to music played by Shaun Ward on the church’s Snetzler Organ.

Aerial video of Newcastle Gateshead

Aerial video of Newcastle Gateshead using a DJI S800 remote controlled UAV drone. Flying from HMS Calliope we filmed the Baltic, Sage, Millennium Bridge, Tyne Bridge and St James’ Park Stadium, home of Newcastle United. We also grabbed footage of the runners taking part in the Great North Run and the various craft travelling up and down the River Tyne.

Birchwood Park Aerial UAV Drone Video

A video shot over Birchwood Park commercial and industrial estate in Warrington. We were tasked with supplying the client with HD footage for them to use in a promotional marketing video. Using our ultra stable hexcopter with broadcast standard camera beneath we were able to take video footage from angles not previously possible.

Race Horse on Formby Beach

For this project we worked with FlyKa and Movi-Hire. FlyKa provide a high speed electric dolly vehicle for fast, smooth tracking. Movi-Hire supply crew and 3-D stabilised camera gimbals for film and TV work.

This FlyKa production was shot at sunrise on Formby beach from the Flyka tracking vehicle at over 30MPH. Camera stabiliser was the Movi M15 & with a Sony F5 & Cooke 14mm Ultra-prime lens 180fps & at 4k on lower frame rate The fact that the dolly is silent, allowed us to get more dramatic, wide angle shots & closer to the horse.

We filmed the fantastic dolly and gimbal combo from the DJI S900 drone with Panasonic GH4 camera in 4K. – Tracking vehicle – Tony Holker – Camera Crew – Rick Frier & Scott Jones

Aerial UAV video of commercial property development

UAV aerial drone video footage. This is from a project to film the view from a proposed high-rise property development in Manchester. We were tasked to show the view from various heights looking out over the city. This short film uses some of the other footage we grabbed along the way. We use our remotely piloted aircraft to take HD video and hi-res stills from heights up to 400 feet.

Alderley Edge Golf Club

Alderley Edge Golf Club asked us to produce a hole-by-hole flyover video of their golf course. The club will use this video on their website to promote the fantastic 9 hole course set in beautiful Cheshire countryside.
Aerial drone videos are a fantastic tool to enable potential club visitors to ‘fly’ the course before arriving on the day, giving them a great idea about how the course is laid out.

Lancashire County Cricket Club Media Day

A flight of our drone at Lancashire County Cricket Club’s media day. We use the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to capture HD video footage and high-res still images.

Bristol Scout WW1 Fighter Aircraft Rebuild Aerial Video

We were asked to take some high definition video footage of a World War I fighter aircraft. The Bristol Scout is under construction at an airfield in Shropshire and the footage will be used in a trailer for a TV production. Using our DJI S800 remotely controlled drone UAV we flew over and around the airfield to grab the HD footage of this superb replica aircraft project.

Victor XL231 at Yorkshire Air Museum

Aerial and ground based video of ‘Lusty Lindy’ at Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington. The aerial shots were captured using a DJI S800 remote controlled aerial drone. The footage features the Victor Bomber being prepared for, and completing, her fast taxi run on one of Elvington’s ‘Rolling Thunder’ Days. Sadly the rain prevented us doing as many flights with the drone as we would have liked.

De Havilland Devon VP967 – Taxi Run

A practise taxi run of the De Havilland Devon VP967 at Elvington. Since being acquired by Yorkshire Air Museum in November 2010, the airframe and engines have been restored to ground taxiing condition.
The video combines aerial drone footage, shot using our DJI S800, and ground footage.

UAV Inspection of Wind Turbines

HD aerial videos. Using our UAVs, we can send cameras up to inspect various buildings including wind turbines. Obtaining aerial videos by this method is extremely cost effective making building inspections far more accessible. In addition we can do pre-build inspection aerial videos of proposed wind turbine sites or indeed any other sort of building. UAV aerial building inspection photography or video from the experts in the field.